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Company Culture Software

Improve company culture by helping your people get to know each other better. Pingboard is the place where people can learn who their coworkers are, what they do, and what they care about, helping to build a more engaged and cohesive company culture.

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Make connectivity a pillar of your company culture

It’s easier to collaborate when you know the people you’re working with. Use Pingboard’s mobile staff directory so your employees can learn more about each other, including:

  • Contact info (phone, email, social media)
  • Office location
  • Interests
  • Skills
  • Strengths
  • Groups
  • Teams
  • Departments
  • Position in the org chart (Manager and direct reports)

You can customize which information appears on an employee profile, like adding favorite restaurant or dream vacation. You can also add info that only admins can see, like T-shirt size or an employee's dietary restrictions.

Even better, the directory is searchable! Employees might search to find coworkers with shared interests or a coworker with a skill they want to learn. And your HR team can use search to identify current employees who would be a good fit for open roles in the company.

Company culture software
Company culture during employee onboarding

Introduce company culture during employee onboarding

Use Pingboard to give new hires an introduction to the company before they even start. By providing early access to Pingboard, your new employees will be able to learn more about how the company is organized and who reports to who.

Pingboard improves company culture by familiarizing new employees with the names and faces of their coworkers so they can get up-to-speed more quickly.

Free Organizational Culture Survey

Not exactly sure how your company culture is resonating with your workforce? Use Pingboard’s free organizational culture survey to figure out how teams, employees, and distributed offices are aligned with your company culture.

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