Pingboard Ranks in Top 10 for Workforce Management


Pingboard Ranks in Top 10 for Workforce Management

We don’t typically talk about ourselves much in our blogs, but we think it’s pretty cool that we have been ranked in the top 10 of GetApp’s leading workforce management apps. What’s most interesting to us is that if you focus solely on employee directory software, our sweet spot, we would be ranked #1. That’s right, no other company listed in their top 25 does what we do.

So what is it that we do, exactly, that is so different from everyone else? Employee directory software is just the tip of the iceberg. You see, we believe at the core of every organization are its people. It’s not just about HR or managing people. That’s where most of the other software vendors in GetApp’s list excel. While HR is critical to most organizations, what we believe is equally important is bringing people together in a more personal way. Connecting people is what we do, whether via an org chart or an employee directory. In our case, we do both. And GetApp has taken notice.

Pingboard Is about Relationships

How an organization is structured is completely subjective to the founders. We have written quite a bit about organizational structures. Just as with most things, what works for some may not be ideal for others. One thing we have noticed, however, is that many companies are shifting from a vertical hierarchical structure towards a more multi-functional, multi-dimensional structure and that can pose problems for diagramming an org chart.

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Whether your organization is a traditional matrix organization with product, geographical and/or customer segments with clearly defined roles and titles, or your company is a bit “flatter” in that there are fewer titles with more cross-functional teams, every employee must find ways of working together. Pingboard makes that part a whole lot easier and more fun.

Plenty of studies show how valuable working relationships are. We also know, from personal experience, how challenging it can be to be the new hire in a company. Finding your way is hard enough; finding the people you need to get to know is even harder. New hires spend countless hours trying to determine who it is they need to speak with for information or resources in order to do their jobs. Pingboard thought this was time that could be better spent elsewhere, so we developed an app that makes the employee directory and org charts transparent, useful and interactive. Did I mention fun?

Why GetApp Ranked Pingboard in their Top 10

Not that we needed GetApp to validate what we already knew, but it’s nice to know industry experts are taking notice.

“Pingboard is in the top 10 of this quarter’s Category Leader ranking of Workforce Management solutions. Impressive scores for software integrations, mobile apps and security features have helped Pingboard solidify its envious spot at #8 in GetApp’s ranking.” – Suzie Blaszkiewicz, researcher at GetApp.

Everything we designed for Pingboard puts employees first. We make it simple to use, simple to integrate and always secure. Our software helps organizations of every structure create visually stunning, multi-dimensional org charts in minutes, keep it up to date automatically, and empower their teams with real-time information and a sense of belonging. We are constantly amazed at how something so basic as helping people get to know each other can make such huge organizational and cultural improvements.

Historically, org charts built in word have done little more than illustrate how an organization is structured. It draws lines of authority, uses job titles and may highlight gaps in resources if used correctly. Employee directories of old are nothing more than a digitization of a printed directory. Sure, you can find the contact information for any person in the company, but only if you know who to look for in the first place. See the fault in this?

We believe both the org chart and the employee directory can do so much more. That’s why we expanded the functionality of the typical org chart into this new kind of resource that can make the entire organization smarter, more productive and ultimately, happier at work.

Pingboard Brings Org Charts and Employee Directories into the 21st Century

The first thing we wanted to do with these rapidly aging organizational staples was to bring them into the 21st century. Few people take the time to rummage through an old file cabinet or search in online folders to pull up an org chart. Online directories are a step up from their printed ancestors, but they are often accessible only through a computer screen. With everything else going mobile, we thought it was time these two assets found their way to the small screen, too.

In fact, based on GetApps rankings, our mobility features earned us some of the highest scores. We put the org chart and the employee directory in a cloud-based mobile app where both can be accessed with a finger tap. Now every person in the organization has instant, real-time access to each other, with added details no org chart or directory ever dared to offer.

In order to make the org chart truly helpful, we wanted it to work seamlessly with the employee directory so when you look at the org chart, you can click on the person and dive into their profile. So now, when you know you need someone in marketing but you aren’t sure who, you can either start from the org chart or organically search for the person like you would in Google. Simply type in “event planning” and in a couple of seconds, any person in the company with that skillset and/or job function will pop up. From there, you can tap on the person’s picture (did I mention we put faces with names?) and you can read their entire profile to see if it’s a good fit.

Pingboard Makes Profiles More Personal

The photos matter and it’s true that they say a lot more than words. It not only helps employees recognize who they work with, but it also humanizes a job title. Many of our clients allow their employees to add their own photos of them doing things they love outside of the office, such as photos with their pets, favorite charities or sports team jerseys, or outside interests. So now, the VP of marketing doesn’t look so intimidating when you see her with her Dachshund that’s dressed up as Santa.

Beyond the photos are the profiles. Here’s where an organization can really put their people first. Why not use the employee directory to highlight the best attributes of each employee? Every employee was hired for a reason and often has skillsets that could be helpful across the organization. Instead of one department monopolizing the talents of that person, the skills can be extended to benefit more people. You get more ROI out of the most valuable investment in the organization, while at the same time, offering that person opportunities for growth.

All of these skillsets are hidden in most organizations, tucked away in HR files or consumed only by the needs of direct team members. Pingboard changes that. By putting this information, plus infinitely more, in a mobile app that can be accessed 24/7/365, suddenly the organization comes alive with possibilities. Employees have insight into more than just job titles and positions in the company, but with things that really matter, like skills, current projects, experience, and even hobbies, interests and favorite things. They spend less time searching and more time working.

Hobbies, interests and favorite things? Remember when I said at the core of every organization are its people? People don’t often connect because they share a job function or work in the same building. They connect because they have personal commonalities.

By displaying personal information such as these, employees can find people in their company who share similar interests. In fact, it is common for our clients to tell us their favorite part of our app is tapping on a co-worker’s photo to learn more about him/her. They enjoy seeing where they went to school, how they spend their free time, what kinds of pets they have. These things help us forge friendships or at the very least, help us see we are more alike than we are different.

And that’s what we do. So thank you, GetApp, for recognizing that our vision is making a difference.  

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Cameron Nouri
by Cameron Nouri
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