20 Things We Learned in 2016 about Org Charts

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The end of December is always a great opportunity to look back on the year to remember what happened, what we learned and take away a few things we’ll remember in the years ahead.

The news organizations love putting together snippets of the year’s best, worst, strangest, saddest and every other “-est” story imaginable. We thought we’d jump on the bandwagon and summarize all of the great information we’ve learned and shared this year. Of course, we invite you to take a look yourself at all of our blog post, but in case you missed them…

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Our Pingboard blog posts have focused on:

Here are the top 20 most interesting and impactful quotes, stats and details we gathered this year. It’s a quick recap to bring you up to speed as to the areas where the org chart software industry is focused.

We research and present all of this information and more to educate and inform you of the value of a strong company culture built around communication, collaboration, accessibility and fun. While org chart software may not at first seem like anything more than a tool to help draw boxes and lines that illustrate a company’s structure, we hope our blog posts have helped you see there is much more to the software than meets the eye.

Today’s modern business organization chart software is complex, yet easy to use. It’s interactive, engaging, fun and informative, giving employees from the top of the ladder to the first rung an opportunity to connect with one another in a professional and personal way from day one. It also offloads a ton of work from HR or admins who are usually responsible for maintaining a company organizational chart.

If you haven’t yet seen what this new software can do, maybe 2017 is your year. We’d be happy to show you how it works so you can pilot it or launch it company wide in a matter of hours. Here’s to 2017 and a year full of engaged, happy employees.

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Cameron Nouri
by Cameron Nouri
I am the Director of Growth at Pingboard. I consider myself an entrepreneur at heart. I love trying new things and taking educated risks on new ventures, both professionally and in my personal life. I bring that passion to work everyday where I enjoy helping others discover the power that Pingboard can unlock.
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