Learn to remember names and faces with Who’s Who game

1 minute • Mar 24, 2017General
Employee Flashcard Game

“A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

– Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie was onto something. The National Center for Biotechnology Information published an interesting report. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), brain activation patterns were examined to see if there were any noticeable brain responses when one hears his or her own name compared with hearing someone else’s name. Guess what they found? There are several regions in the left hemisphere of the brain that show greater activation to one’s own name.

Enjoying hearing our names is hard-wired into us. Yet learning to remember people’s names can be challenging, especially at work in a large or growing company. We’ve all walked around the office and said hi to people without knowing their name, much less what they do. It’s time to change that!

Built on top of your Org Chart, Who’s Who helps you put names to faces

Our team couldn’t be more excited to announce the 2.0 release of our Android and iPhone apps, which includes a brand-new addition called Who’s Who — an employee flashcard game that helps you know your coworkers better.

Learn to remember names and faces with our Who's Who game, get started for free

The game shows you one of your coworkers and the names of some possible matches. If you happen to guess wrong, you’ll see a tip about your coworker. Whether you just joined the company or are the CEO visiting each of your many office locations, Who’s Who makes it easy and fun to get to know your team. There’s even a leaderboard that shows who knows your company best! 🙂

Give it a try today for free. Sign up for Pingboard, then download our iPhone or Android app and start playing.

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