Top 7 Apps to Integrate with Org Chart Software

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Live org charts provide a wealth of features and benefits, such as employee profiles, flexible org chart design that changes with the organization as it grows, and the ability to share org charts for workforce planning purposes. When integrated with HRIS, identity management, and collaboration apps, live org charts can do even more. They automatically update to reflect the org structure in real time, sync with shareable team calendar and contacts, and go mobile with a variety of devices, just to name a few. Here are six of the top apps that integrate with org chart software:

Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)

Through Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) products and services, Google offers email, calendar services, and document management capabilities to businesses. When integrated with org chart software, Google allows employees to access and view Google calendar events within employee org chart profiles. In addition, any employee data or photos that exist in Google Workspace can be imported into the org chart. Companies can also enable single sign-on via Google, providing easier accessibility for employees.

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ADP provides a widely used payroll and employee data software and service that, when integrated with org chart software, can help to ensure employee updates are reflected in the org chart in real time. As an example, headcount and employee profile field changes can be synced between ADP and the org chart and can be accessed via a secure single sign-on using ADP login details.


Okta is an identity management service that can be integrated with org chart software so that employees have a single sign-on and added security when accessing their org chart. When Okta integrates with an org chart, it’s also possible to sync employee accounts and profile fields. For example, if an employee account is created in Okta, it can also be automatically created in the company org chart. Photos from Okta can also be imported into org chart software and updated in an employee’s profile.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory/Office 365

Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based directory and identity management system that helps companies manage access to various internal company applications. When integrated with org chart software, Azure Active Directory (and Office 365, which is already hosted in the Azure AD cloud) offers the ability to enable single sign-on, sync employee profiles, and control who has access to the org chart.


Slack helps teams collaborate on important projects and stay connected via chat and notification features. When integrated with org chart software, Slack usernames and out-of-office updates automatically appear on employees’ org chart profiles, helping employees know when team members are unavailable.


Our BambooHR integrations connect users to their HR platform, which is dedicated to simplifying onboarding and applicant tracking. If you’ve ever dreamt of an easier time with recruiting, hiring, new-hire transitioning, and employee database management BambooHR is the tool for you. Integrate BambooHR’s employee database and Pingboard to create an automated org chart. By syncing the two tools all updates to your workforce, whether that’s increases or decreases in headcount, or promotions, those changes will be reflected in your organizational chart automatically.


Namely is an HR platform that allows ssmall to mid-sized companies (15 to 3,000 employees) to handle all of their HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Time & Attendance in one place. Namely also acts as an  Employee Database, keeping track of your employee’s location, contact info, position, and more. If you connect Namely to Pingboard all the changes you make to your workforce will be reflected in your org chart. Automating changes in your org charts will save your HR department from hours of additional work and significant headaches, so do them a favor and make this simple integration a priority today.

Bonus: Native Mobile Apps

Org chart apps in the Google Play and Apple App store allow employees to take the org chart with them on an IOS or Android device. With mobile integration, employees don’t just see the org chart; they can stay connected no matter the location, search the org chart, and have access to synced employee contacts and out-of-office updates. Mobile integrations also allow employees learn more about their coworkers when they’re on the go. For example, the Who’s Who Game helps individuals more easily match employee faces with names, interests, team affiliations, and more.

Integrations have a transformative power, and they make static org charts a thing of the past. Pingboard’s available integrations include a broad range of apps and platforms, including ADP, Google, Okta, Slack, Azure Active Directory, OneLogin, and Pingboard native mobile apps. When modern org chart technology integrates with internal HRIS, data management, and collaboration platforms, employees can do more and stay better connected to the company and each other.

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