Tag Applause with Company Values for Meaningful Peer Recognition

1 minute • Oct 26, 2023CultureProduct

Your company’s core values are the “north star” for your business. They are what keep your workforce aligned toward the same mission and vision. However, company values are often forgotten because your busy employees lose sight of them in the bigger picture or just aren’t thinking of them in their everyday work.

But imagine if they were.

Oftentimes, the efforts and contributions of your employees are directly tied to the concepts that your company values most. And if your employees are reminded of how their efforts are aligned with your company values, they are more likely to remember and internalize those values.

Based on this sentiment, we’ve launched the Applause Values feature in Pingboard.

When employees give Applause in Pingboard, they can tag Company Values that are associated with the employee work that’s being recognized. 

How does it work?

Step 1: Add your company values to the Company Page in Pingboard

Edit company values modal

In order to attach values to Applause, you’ll first need to add your values to the Company Page. This will log them in the platform for all employees to see AND populate the Applause modal with a list of values to choose from.

  • Add a core value under “Company Values” 

  • Add a Tag, so the value is easy to tag when giving Applause.

  • Add an Icon, so the value is more memorable.

  • Add a description that explains what the value means and why it is important to your culture.

  • Hit “Save” and then repeat the process for all of your values.

Step 2: Let your employees know about Applause Values by setting an example

Applause Values

Once your company values have been properly added to Pingboard, it’s time to start using Applause Values.

  • Think of someone on your team who has recently done great work that is connected to a concept your company values.

  • Write an Applause message and tag any or all of your company values.

  • A few minutes after hitting send, when the Applause message appears, call extra attention to it by letting employees know they can now tag your company’s values when giving Applause. Show your Applause message as an example!

Step 3: Measure the impact 

Once at least five values have been added to Applause, anyone with access to your Company Page will be able to see a dashboard of Applause Values metrics. Each metric on the dashboard is representative of totals from the past 30 days. 

  • View how many values have been tagged to Applause

  • View how many employees have been applauded for values

  • View how many employees have tagged values when giving Applause

  • Consider launching a company-wide contest to encourage your employees to give Applause with values and watch those numbers grow!

And there you go! Now, you can give shoutouts that are tied to the things that matter most to your CEO and your company as a whole. 

Watch the video below to see a quick demo of how Applause Values works in Pingboard.

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