Finally, a Simple Way to Build and Share a Beautiful Org Chart

1 minute • Nov 17, 2015General

You have been asking us to add org charts to Pingboard for quite some time. As we started to take a look at this a few months ago we discovered that most of our customers are still managing their org chart as a PowerPoint or Visio document — even with hundreds of employees. You’ve told us that these documents are time-consuming to maintain, difficult to share and often become out-of-date shortly after they are created. And quite frankly, org charts made this way are ugly.

Why can’t org charts be easy and look awesome? That’s the question that guided us as we brought this feature to life.

Introducing Org Charts by Pingboard

Org Chart Software
Build the Org Chart that Connects Your People, Get Started for Free

Your org chart shows the smiling face of every person on your team. You can zoom in to a specific team or zoom out for the big picture. Click to expand specific departments, then drag to get the perfect view. View a person’s full profile with one click.

Setting up your Org Chart

Starting today, you’ll see a new Org Chart section in Pingboard. Employees can tell Pingboard who they report to and Pingboard builds an interactive org chart on demand.

If you’re an admin, you can edit someone’s manager and direct reports directly in the org chart and see the changes reflected immediately. We also show you who’s missing from the org chart so you can keep everything current.

This is the first release of org charts in Pingboard. We’re already working on additions to org charts, but we want to hear your feedback, too. Try it out and tell us how we can make it even better for your team!

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