15 Organizational Announcement Examples & Templates

Typing Out Organizational Announcements

Organizational announcements can get employees on the same page about company changes, strengthen company culture, and even make or break certain processes, like software updates and organizational restructuring.

Your staff is working hard, so it’s best to keep announcements short and to the point. Use a friendly tone and focus on the most important details to help employees quickly read and digest the entire message.

With Pingboard’s new Organizational Announcement Tool, it’s easy to inform your staff about new hires, events, achievements, and other important matters. We’ve compiled 15 different types of organizational announcements to use in your company, as well as customizable templates that you can download.

Download Organizational Announcement Templates

15 Organizational Announcement Templates & Examples

  1. New employee announcement – Introduce current employees to a new hire—it’s an instant way to make a new team member feel welcomed and excited to dive in. It also gives key contact details to current staff so they know how to get in touch with their new coworker. Download a template here.
  2. Promotion announcement – Let your team know that congratulations are in order for someone’s promotion! A promotion announcement could also be helpful to let your people know, for example, that the marketing manager they work closely with is now head of the department and may work with them in a different capacity. Check out these templates.
  3. Open role announcement – Have an open role? In addition to seeking outside applicants, try to draw from the talent you already have. Hiring internally can streamline the onboarding process, and it gives employees opportunities to make career moves without leaving the company. Find a template here.
  4. Employee resignation announcement – As long as the leaving employee agrees to it, let your team know an employee is moving on so they can wish them well! Get started with this template.
  5. Company merger announcement – Mergers naturally make people nervous about the future. An upfront announcement might relieve those fears and deliver news in a transparent way. This template will get you started.
  6. Company policy updates – Keep your employees up to date on policy updates around social media usage or improved parental leave, for example. A succinct, company-wide announcement keeps people in the loop without needing to reprint the entire company handbook.
  7. Organizational restructuring announcement – For various reasons, organizational restructuring is bound to happen. However, only about a quarter of businesses pull it off successfully. Getting employees on board with an early announcement is one of the key ways to ensure the process goes smoothly and with minimal stress for everyone.
  8. New software updates – Whether you’re switching to a new software or simply making changes to an existing one, you should update employees first. They use the tools everyday, so their insights and buy-in are important for a successful upgrade. Check out this example announcement a university used to inform staff of a new electronic timecard system.
  9. Staff benefits announcement – When changes happen to benefit packages, give your employees plenty of time to review the updates and prepare their questions ahead of meetings about benefits. Snag a template here.
  10. Deadlines for healthcare updates – Deadlines are a guaranteed way to speed up healthcare enrollment amongst your staff. Schedule a set of reminders leading up to the deadline so everyone can make their selections on time.
  11. Company achievement announcements – Did the company recently achieve a milestone or get some positive press? Share that with your staff. Employees will see how their work contributes to the bigger picture and will feel renewed pride in what they do.
  12. Department and team achievement announcements – Announcing the success of a marketing campaign or a sales team that’s surpassed their goal is a visible way to give that department a well-earned pat on the back. It also motivates other teams toward their goals, since they’ll know that their efforts are celebrated.
  13. Employee achievement announcement – Employee achievements don’t necessarily need to be things your employees do inside the company. For example, if someone receives outside recognition for charitable actions in the community, that’s something everyone can celebrate.
  14. Office closure announcement – From hellacious snowstorms to national holidays, office closures happen. A company-wide announcement letting people know when to come in or not ensures that no one’s left out in the cold.
  15. Staff party announcement – It’s time to celebrate all those promotions, achievements, and holidays. Send out party details well in advance so everyone can wrap up their responsibilities and enjoy the event. Consider forgoing a text-based email and create fun staff party invites in seconds with Paperless Post.

Download Organizational Announcement Templates

Make Organizational Announcements Easier Than Ever

Your organizational announcements only work if they get sent, so it helps to create a process for writing and scheduling the messages. Look ahead and see what events are coming up, then create a series of reminders for yourself, HR, or the team member in charge of announcements.

Another way to strengthen your company’s culture and communication? Create beautiful and easy-to-build org charts with Pingboard, then share all or part of the org chart with employees so they can learn who’s who in the company. There’s even an optional Organizational Announcement Tool for composing, scheduling, and sending company-wide messages. Try using Pingboard today for free.

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