Why Your New Hires Need an Onboarding Checklist

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New Hire Onboarding Checklists

In order for your new hires to feel welcomed and equipped to succeed in their new role, onboarding is a critical process that your company must get right. 

One of the key components of an effective onboarding process is an organized task list that outlines the key activities, milestones, and deadlines your new hires need to complete during their first few weeks on the job.

Wondering why an organized onboarding checklist is so important? Let's take a closer look.

1. Checklists help new hires get up to speed quickly

Starting a new job can be overwhelming, especially if you're not sure what's expected of you or how to get started. An organized onboarding checklist provides a clear roadmap of what they need to do and when, which helps them to feel more confident in their ability to contribute.

2. Checklists ensure consistency

An organized onboarding checklist ensures that all new hires at your company are provided with the same information, resources, and training at a basic level. Consistency is an important element in making sure that everyone is on the same page and that important information isn't overlooked or forgotten.

3. Checklists set clear expectations

With an organized onboarding checklist, you are properly setting expectations for new hires regarding what they need to accomplish during their first few weeks on the job. This clarity helps to reduce anxiety and uncertainty. This is especially helpful when you consider new hires who are transitioning to a new industry or role.

4. Checklists play a role in improving retention

Studies have shown that a well-structured onboarding process can improve employee retention and reduce turnover. By providing your new hires with a clear onboarding task list, you're setting them up for success and showing them that you're invested in their growth and development within the company. When employees feel invested in a company, they are more likely to stay! 

5. Checklists save time and resources

And last but not least, a well-organized onboarding task list can also save time and resources for both the new hire and your company. By providing a clear roadmap of what needs to be done, new hires can focus their time and energy on completing tasks, rather than trying to figure out what they should be doing. This will reduce the time it takes for new hires to become fully productive, which can be a significant cost savings for the company.

As you can see, an organized onboarding checklist is a critical component of an effective onboarding program. It might sound daunting to put together and administer a checklist, but Pingboard is here to help!

Pingboard’s Onboarding Checklists are beneficial both for your new hires, and for Human Resources and People Operations professionals. Let’s take a look!

Pingboard Onboarding Checklist for new hires

New hires who have access to Pingboard when onboarding never have to worry about wondering what they need to get done and when. Pingboard’s Onboarding Checklists show your new hires: 

  • What action items need to be completed

  • When each item is due

  • Direct links to the paperwork or site where the item can be completed (when applicable)

Depending on how you set up the template, you can break up the Onboarding Checklist into manageable time frames such as First Day, First Week, and First Month, or any combination that makes sense for your new hire onboarding program.

Your New Hires can then easily keep track of their onboarding items on the assigned Onboarding Checklist or on their homepage in Pingboard under My To-Dos.

Overall, Onboarding Checklists in Pingboard keep your new hires on track and at ease.

But wait, there's more...

These checklists are just as helpful for those preparing onboarding as it for the new hires.

Onboarding Checklist Template Setup in Pingboard

Admins in Pingboard who are in charge of onboarding new hires can create an Onboarding Checklist template that can then be easily duplicated for each new hire. This template can be edited and updated at any time.

When a new hire has been added to Pingboard, you can assign the checklist with action items that the new hire needs to complete in order to be fully onboarded at your company.

And, because onboarding often requires help from others within your organization, Admins and Managers in Pingboard can also assign action items as "To-Dos" for other stakeholders to help out with a new hire's onboarding.

For example, on an Onboarding Checklist you can assign an item to your IT Manager to set up the laptop for your new hire. That item will appear as a To-Do in Pingboard for the IT Manager, and it will also appear on the Onboarding Checklist along with all other items for that new hire.

assigning onboarding to-dos

Pingboard also makes it easy for you to keep up with each new hires' onboarding status and progress so that you can monitor and check in on employees where necessary.

View your new hire onboarding process in Pingboard

The Onboarding Checklist feature is just one of several onboarding solutions you can find in Pingboard. Tools like our Who’s Who Game, Employee Directory, and Onboarding Surveys also help your new hires start their journey with your company on the right foot.

If you'd like to learn more about onboarding solutions in Pingboard, reach out to us via our Live Chat (bottom right corner of the screen) and someone will be in touch with you soon!

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