When to Use a Matrix Organizational Structure

1 minute • Jan 11, 2024

In a matrix organization, employees report to both a functional manager and a project manager. This means they are on a functional team or department with tasks based on their specific skill set, and they are part of a cross-functional team with projects related to the goals of that team. 

This type of structure is helpful in industries where projects may require specialized skills that cut across traditional departmental boundaries.

Here are four reasons why a matrix organization can be beneficial to your organization:

Foster creativity and innovation
optimize resource sharing
tackle complex projects
provide development opportunities

If you’ve decided to use a matrix organizational structure, but need help staying organized or visualizing how your employees are matrixed across the organization, Pingboard can help! 

In the Employee Directory, you can create custom Teams:

  1. Give the team a name that represents what that team does.

  2. Give the team a description that clarifies the team’s purpose and goals.

  3. Add employees to the team (you can remove or add new employees at any time!)

  4. Encourage your employees to refer to the Teams in the Directory for clarity around who works with who.

Once you’ve customized your Teams, head over to your Org Chart in Pingboard and switch over to the Teams Matrix view for a comprehensive view of your cross-functional teams. 

Try the Teams Matrix in Pingboard today! 

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