How to Visualize Your Cross-Functional Teams in Pingboard

1 minute • Sep 14, 2023Product

An org chart is a great way to understand your company’s hierarchical structure. But, if your company has a lot of cross-functional operations, multiple reporting structures, or team flexibility, the linear view of a standard org chart isn’t always helpful.

For a better understanding of your cross-functional teams, we’ve added the Teams Matrix to the Org Chart and Directory in Pingboard. 

When you create Teams in your Directory and then select the Teams Matrix in your Org Chart, you’ll be able to see how your different teams work together across functions or departments. 

Watch the video below to see how it works!

Whether you’re part of a company that has a matrix organizational structure in place, or simply need a better way to see how your teams collaborate, the Teams Matrix makes it easy for you to see how your people resources are allocated. 

If you’re a current customer, log in and try it now or visit the Pingboard Help Center for detailed instructions. If you don’t see the Teams Matrix in your account, you might be on a legacy subscription plan. In that case, reach out to us in app or by emailing and we can help you get on the right plan! 

Not a Pingboard customer, but interested in Teams Matrix? Sign up for a free trial today!

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