Take Control of the Talent Shortage

It’s a candidates market right now – but it’s also your time to shine as a creative and innovative leader! Here’s a list of ideas for you to consider to take control of the talent shortage:

Reskilling – (re-thinking) learning a completely new set of skills

Upskilling  – (up-leveling)  adding skills to compliment an existing skillset

Upskilling will improve retention and build loyalty. Re-Skilling is a powerful strategy to engage your people and prepare for tomorrow.

To figure out who needs or wants upskilling, use your PULSE SURVEY:

Managers in their 1:1s can ask: 

Adjustments to your Hiring Practices: 

  1. Check to make sure your hiring software isn’t rejecting qualified candidates
  2. Can someone on the marketing team help you write a more interesting job description?
  3. Does the role absolutely require a degree?
  4. Hire in Global timezones – take the plunge, it can help projects move faster!
  5. Eliminate pre-employment tests where unnecessary
  6. Ban the Box Laws <— broken down by State
  7. Utilize specialty job boards
  8. SHRM Training to hire, onboard, and retain Veterans
  9. Don’t  overlook recent high school graduates – Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG)
  10. What is your time to hire metric? (Less than thirty days is passable.)
  11.  Give your employees the job description, ask them to post to their niche slack groups
  12. Host an Open House or informational event to build relationships with local talent
  13. Invest in a relationship with a college or university for a steady pipeline of candidates

Made me Smile
Beam Living shared this post about The Unstoppable Maxine Wallis. She had cancer and survived it, twice. How can your company spotlight (with permission) your employees who have overcome life’s obstacles?

My 2 cents
Your company CAN create an internal podcast.  It’s not as hard as you think! It’s a great medium to reiterate progress on company goals, leadership’s thoughts on your latest pulse survey results, and drive engagement by calling out birthdays, work anniversaries, etc.

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