Saying "No" to your boss (and others!) Finding your values, Managing your day and energy

less than a minute • Nov 8, 2021CollaborationCulturePodcast

Dan and Alicia are good friends of mine and hosts of the show The 20/20 Perspective, a show about how you can be successful through your failures.

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • How to say "no" to your boss

  • Psychological safety and mastering the power dynamic with your boss (Radical Candor is a great way to get there) 

  • Figuring out what your "work" values are (and could your team have values?)

  • Feel your feelings because they're not wrong, use the feelings wheel!

  • Good leaders are emotionally available to catch another emotion and help them synthesize what's really going on, more objectively 

  • Dan and Alicia have a 30-day question challenge  (email me if you want a copy

  • Adam Grant's article about Languishing

  • Find time to pause every day and ask yourself what you did well. 

  • Find 5 minutes to spark some joy in your life, every day. 

  • Getting up at 5 am..... Gives. you. more. TIME! Get up early. 

  • When you create your to-do list, add something insanely easy to create momentum. 

Books Mentioned

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