What is Psychological Safety?

less than a minute • May 30, 2021Culture

🌱 Psychological safety is an environment where you feel like you can share your thoughts, mistakes, concerns, and big ideas without being ridiculed. It doesn't mean... "La, la laaaa.... 🦄 🌟🌈everyone should LOVE and support every thought that comes out of every person's mouth!"  Nope. What we're talking about, is candor - respectfully speaking in a direct, open, and honest way.  What else I talked about: 

  • Read the book Radical Candor

  • Well's Fargo's PR Nightmar

  • Listen to all the benefits of implementing a House System (17:20) to drive employee engagement!

  • Connect with Terilyn Eisenhauer on Linkedin

  • Ask your managers to invite a direct report to sit it on a meeting that the direct report wouldn't normally be involved with. This encourages transparency and shows what the level above them works on! 

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