Performance Reviews, Pulse Surveys and Psychological Safety

less than a minute • Sep 20, 2021CultureHRPodcast
Employee Success is having a moment - Christie Williams tells us why!

Guest: Christie Williams, VP of Employee Success @ SoftDocs

This episode is FULL of helpful tips and insights on employee engagement. Christie (yes, we have the exact same name 😜) is a great person to follow and connect with on best practices for making data-driven people decisions at a growing company.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Slack groups where you can find quick answers to common HR quetsions

  • How to get your people to take your pulse surveys

  • Why peer evaluations (360 reviews) should be anonymous and delivered from the manager

  • The difference between rockstars and superstars

….and a lot more. You’re just going to have to listen!

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