Receive Pingboard Notifications in Microsoft Teams for Real-Time Employee Activity Updates

1 minute • Aug 8, 2023Product

If you have a remote or distributed workforce, you know that Pingboard makes it easy to keep up with who is out of office, who is celebrating an important milestone, or who’s been going above and beyond.

And now, if your employees spend most of their time in Microsoft Teams, you can provide notifications about those important employee activities and updates directly in the Teams Channel(s) of your choosing.

With the Teams Integration for Pingboard, any Calendar Status updates, Applause, or Celebrations (birthdays, work anniversaries, company holidays, and new hires) that have been added in Pingboard will also be communicated with a notification in Teams. 

Applause in Teams

If you already have a Teams Channel that is dedicated to sharing company updates or peer recognition, you can set up the integration to add Pingboard notifications to that existing channel. Or, you can create a dedicated Teams Channel for Pingboard updates. The choice is yours! 

What will your employees see?

At the beginning of each work day, a summary of the day’s Calendar Statuses and Celebrations will be posted in Teams. And then throughout the day, any Status updates or Applause that is added to Pingboard will also show up in Teams shortly after.

Statuses in Teams

What’s the big deal about these Pingboard notifications in Teams?

It all comes down to employee engagement. 

The more you communicate about employee activities, the easier it is for your employees to stay in tune to what’s happening at your company. And the more your employees are in tune, the more likely they are to be engaged. 

Ready to start using the Teams Integration for Pingboard? If you’re on an Essential or Pro Plan, you can enable the integration at any time! Visit our Help Center for more details. Or, reach out to us via Chat (bottom right corner of the screen!) and we can help you get started. 

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