HR Advice from TikTok: How to keep pushing on your rejected recommendations

1 minute • Dec 8, 2021Employee EngagementCulturePodcast

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TikTok is full of PeopleOps and HR thought leadership. Veronica “V” is a funny, relatable HR TikTok follow. She often hosts free, live sessions on TikTok to give HR advice (in real-time!) to other HR professionals.

HR / Corporate / Leadership accounts to follow on Tiktok:

We talked about how to *not* throw a new manager into the deep end— how to teach them to think like a coach.

What makes a great 1:1? Duplicate yourself! Teach all people managers to ask the right questions and run a proper 1:1. Workshop what you think makes up a great 1:1 and get all your people managers bought into your people strategy.

It should include:

  • How to listen

  • How to give feedback

  • How to ask the right questions

PS - 🎁 My very relatable (but didn’t go viral) tiktok about the CFO picking all the worst HR tools before you were hired as the HR person.

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