Highlight Your Company's Important Details in Pingboard

1 minute • Aug 25, 2023ProductHR

By keeping your employees aware of your company mission and values, you can improve engagement levels. 

This might sound like a reach, but it’s true! 

Your company’s mission statement communicates your purpose for existing and your ultimate goal as an organization, while your values communicate your beliefs and principles. When employees understand your mission and values, they tend to feel a greater sense of alignment with your company. And, multiple studies have shown a sense of alignment, connection, and belonging are strong drivers of employee engagement. 

In Pingboard, we make it easy for you to keep your company mission and values top-of-mind with a dedicated Company Page. This page is where you can house:

  • Your mission, vision, and values

  • Links to websites or documents such as company policies, request forms, etc.

  • Company holidays

  • Open positions 

Think of the Company Page as a single source of truth for important company details that is easy for employees to access, and easy for you to keep updated. Any Admins and Company Editors in Pingboard can edit the Company Page, and any Pingboard Users can view the page. 

In order to get the full benefit, here’s how we suggest you use it:

First, we encourage you to be intentional about what you include on your Company Page. 

You don’t want this page to become cluttered and overwhelming, but you also want to be thorough. Think through the frequently asked questions you receive from employees to determine what documents and websites you should add under Links. You can link up to ten items!

When it comes to adding your mission, vision, and values, make sure they’ve been edited down into digestible statements or short paragraphs. You should write these concepts in a way that is easy to understand – be simple and direct.

If you’re wondering about the difference between mission, vision, and values, check out this podcast episode from Employee Engagement Expert Christie Hoffman

Second, we encourage you to be diligent about sharing this page. 

Share your Company Page with new hires during onboarding (you can add it to their Onboarding Checklist in Pingboard!), announce that you have a Company Page at your next company-wide meeting, and point existing employees to the Company Page any time they have a question about where to find details about benefits or other company information. 

The Company Page in Pingboard is available on all subscription plans. Try it today

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