Create a Collaborative Company Calendar for Better Employee Communication

1 minute • Oct 18, 2023ProductHRCulture

Is someone on your team celebrating a birthday this week? When is your direct report’s work anniversary? And your Chief of People mentioned they’d be on vacation this month, but when exactly?

If you have to go to different places or ask around in order to answer these questions, chances are you need a company calendar. 

In Pingboard, we’ve created a Calendar so that you can easily communicate about employee milestones, company holidays, and employee statuses all in one centralized view. 

Employee milestones include birthdays, work anniversaries, and first days, which are pulled in from an employee’s Profile in Pingboard or from your HRIS system if you set up a data integration. 

Company holidays can include your typical paid holidays like New Year’s Day or Labor Day, and you can add holidays that are specific to your company culture such as Mental Health Days or Summer Fridays. You can also set company holidays that only apply to specific locations (ex: Mardi Gras for your New Orleans office or Boxing Day for your Canadian office). 

Your Calendar in Pingboard is completely customizable!

And, the customizations don’t end at company holidays. You can also customize Status settings for your employees. 

What’s a Status? 

It’s a feature available to each Pingboard user which allows them to communicate if they are out of office or working remotely, the day and time this Status will take place, and the reason why the Status is applicable. 

Before you roll out the Status feature to your employees, you can create your own Status types (up to 30!) to set parameters that align with your company culture. Examples of Statuses can include:

  • Sick

  • Vacation

  • Parental Leave

  • Appointment

  • Remote

Your Calendar updates and Statuses don’t just appear in Pingboard. Three other locations where your Calendar can appear include:

  1. Slack or Microsoft Teams – if you integrate with one of these platforms, your entire company will get alerts at the beginning of each workday, and throughout the day, about relevant milestones and Statuses. 

  2. The Weekly Email – you’ll also see the week’s birthdays, anniversaries, and scheduled Statuses in the Weekly email your employees get from Pingboard.

  3. Google or Microsoft Outlook Calendar – if you integrate with Google Workspace or Microsoft365, you can sync your Calendar in Pingboard to appear on a company calendar in either platform. 

With the Calendar in Pingboard, we’re helping you communicate as much as possible to provide extra visibility around important dates and status updates. The Calendar and Statuses are available on all subscription plans. Try it today


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