Amplify Your Company Values to Boost Employee Engagement

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Does your company have a set of core values that support your mission and vision? Clear, strong values will shape your company’s culture and keep your employees aligned on the same goals.

If you haven’t taken the time to set company values, we highly recommend it! If you already have company values, you’ll want to make sure you communicate them often.


Well, it’s hard for your employees to keep track of your core values if they are only mentioned during new employee onboarding or at the annual company-wide meeting. However, if you communicate your company values often and make them easily accessible, you’ll notice your employees start to embody them in their everyday work.

In Pingboard we’ve made it easy for you to amplify your company values. All employees have access to your Company Page (also called the Company Dashboard) where they can see your Mission, Vision, Open Roles, Holidays, and most importantly, your Values.

At a basic level, each Company Value in Pingboard includes the title (name) of the value. But you can also add the following:

Value Icon: Choose from a provided selection of icons to help your employees quickly associate a visual with a company value. (Example: the light bulb icon could be used to go with a value focused on innovation or the heart icon could be used to go with a value focused on being “people-first”.)

Value Tag: If your values are lengthy, choose a short name to display instead of the full value name to make it easier for your employees to remember company values. (Example: a company value of “Always show gratitude to each other and to our customers” could be tagged as “Gratitude”.)

Value Description: To help your employees understand the meaning behind your company values, or if your values are somewhat abstract, add a description that explains what the value means and why it is important.

Once your Company Values have been added, they can be edited, archived, or reorganized at any time. Check out this article in our Help Center to learn more!

Adding Company Values in Pingboard will not only help you amplify your values, but it will also allow you to attach values to Applause in Pingboard. If you use Applause in Pingboard, you’ll want to make sure that you set up your Company Values so that employees can add values when giving peer recognition. 

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