Vacation Tracking Software

Tracking time off in Pingboard is as simple as sharing a status update from your phone. When your team enters time off, we automatically keep everyone in the loop with smart notifications and Google Calendar integration.

Vacation Calendar in Google

Real-time sync with google calendar

Your vacation calendars are automatically managed in Google for your entire team. Updates are made in real time so you always have up-to-date information.

Weekly newsletter updates

Effortlessly keep your team in the loop about upcoming vacations, new hires, birthdays, and work anniversaries with your weekly email, powered by the data in your directory.

Not feeling well?

Open the app, press the sick button, and go back to bed. Your team and manager will be notified.

Get notified when someone's out unexpectedly

Your customizable settings will notify members on your team if you’re sick or have to call out for unforeseen circumstances. Reporting makes it easy to see historical time off.