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Out of Office Out of Office

Payroll or HR software can manage complex time off policies, but these tools fail the most important part… letting your team know who will be out of the office! Pingboard is the new way to share your vacation calendar and employee out of office notices.

Create an account to give Out of Office a spin! If you already use Pingboard, Sign in to Pingboard, then click Add-Ons > Integrations.

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Feeling sick? Open the app, press the sick button, and go back to bed. Your team and manager will be notified.

Out of Office notice from mobile

Pingboard notifies the right person at the right time via Slack or Email. Set real-time status for when you are sick or working remote and schedule upcoming vacations or business trips. Pingboard will make sure your team is kept in the loop.

Google Calendar integration

Vacation Calendar in Google

See who will be out of the office right from Google Calendar. Let Pingboard manage company-wide or team-specific vacation calendars for Google Apps.

Receive last minute notifications when someone on your team will be out unexpectedly

Mobile Vacation Calendar Notice

Your team will receive a weekly out of office report on Monday morning and timely updates throughout the week. Optionally turn on the Pingboard out of office bot for Slack and receive real-time updates right inside your favorite chat tool.

Customizable reports to export the data you need

Employee Database Reporting

Run out of office reports showing how many vacation or sick days people have taken so that you can see who is not taking enough vacation or abusing your flexible vacation policy. Also see how often people are working remote.

Managers can approve/deny time off

Out of Office Employee Directory Profile

Pingboard’s vacation calendar is designed for companies that have open vacation policies where the most important two steps are coordinating with your manager and informing your team that you will be out. Before notifying your team, Pingboard notifies your manager and gives them an option to deny the request, otherwise it is automatically approved and your team is notified.