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Out of Office Out of Office Notifications

Keep everyone in the loop with simple out-of-office notifications. Pingboard’s Out of Office tool is a lightweight alternative to an employee vacation tracker—in fact, it only takes a few minutes for employees to request time off and communicate their upcoming time off to their manager and team. HR professionals can use Out of Office to track vacation time and pull reports for the entire staff in just a few clicks.

Create an account to give our vacation tracker alternative a spin! If you already use Pingboard, Sign in to Pingboard, then click Add-Ons > Integrations.

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Set an Out-of-Office Message in Seconds.

Out of Office notice from mobile

Notify your coworkers of your out-of-office status, and get approval from your manager in one quick step. Set real-time statuses for when you are sick or working remote, and also use it to schedule upcoming vacations or business trips. Pingboard helps you keep your team in the loop.

Google Calendar Integration

Google Calendar integration

See who will be out of the office right from Google Calendar. Let Pingboard manage company-wide or team-specific calendars for Google Apps. Sync your Google Calendar with our Out of Office feature to help employees see who will be out before booking meetings with them.

Real-Time Out-of-Office Notifications

Real-time out of office notifications

Your team will receive a rundown of who has time off for the week every Monday morning in the This Week email. You can also turn on the Pingboard Out of Office bot for Slack so your team gets real-time updates right inside your favorite chat tool.

Custom Vacation and Sick Time Tracker

Vacation and sick time tracker

Run reports to show your team’s vacation or sick day totals to make sure people are using their vacation days and taking enough breaks. (We love vacation!) You can also run reports to see how often people are working remote, which helps you learn more about how people on your team do their best work.

Spend Less Time Signing Off on PTO Requests

Time off request management

As an alternative to an employee vacation tracker, Pingboard’s Out of Office feature is designed for companies that have open vacation policies. When someone submits an out-of-office status, their manager is emailed and given the option to deny the request. Otherwise, it’s automatically approved and the team is notified via Pingboard. Super easy.