Pingboard Use Cases

Companies use Pingboard to help their employees know their coworkers and have easy access to the essential information they need to be successful. Here’s how companies like yours are using Pingboard and our suite of employee engagement tools:

Create Free Org Charts

Our free org chart software helps companies increase transparency and plan for the future. Looking for a fast and efficient way to make a free org chart? Upload your employee data or drag and drop your employees into the org structure that best represents your company. Then, print your org chart or share a link with your team.


Improve Company Culture

Increase employee engagement by equipping your workforce with our tools for communication and connection. Pingboard unites disconnected teams by putting a mobile directory in their hands, helping them learn coworkers’ names, hobbies, skills, and contact info in an instant.


Share Company-Wide Announcements

Share reminders, announcements, news, or updates with your entire company. You can also link to relevant docs or employee profiles with our lightweight announcement tool.


Easily Onboard New Employees

Connect new employees to their coworkers with the mobile employee directory, and help them understand your org structure with Pingboard’s org chart software. As an awesome bonus, give your new hires an easy way to put a face to a name with our Who’s Who mobile game.


Develop Strong Succession Plans

Use Pingboard to search for employees that have the skills needed to fill open roles. Then, build separate private planning org charts to use as succession plans, visualizing what teams might look like in the future. You can make it collaborative by easily and securely sharing your plans with anyone in the org


Create Advanced Accountability Charts

Build an accountability chart with Pingboard in minutes. See the benefits of responsibility charting with Pingboard.


Build Project Organization Charts

Increase transparency and communication between teammates assigned to a project with an org chart specifically for their project team.