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Pingboard for Succession Planning

Some surprises are fun: birthday parties, friends stopping by, no traffic during the morning commute. But when it comes to managing your company, it’s best to keep surprises to a minimum. Use Pingboard as a succession planning tool to help you get ahead of change.

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Org Chart Sucession Planning

How to Build Succession Plans with Pingboard

Once you’ve identified roles that need to be filled, it’s time to find the best candidates in your org. Use Pingboard’s interactive org chart to search for employees with the right skills to fill empty positions. Then, if you can estimate how long it takes your employees to get promoted, search for employees by start date and build a pool of potential candidates. And get this: Pingboard is entirely searchable. So you can search by obvious things like job title, or you can search for more specific info like certifications or responsibilities.

When you’ve found the best candidates for the open role, visualize what your new management structure will look like. You can easily build out a few versions of your org structure—move employees around, create new departments, or change the span of control for managers—by creating planning org charts. When you’re ready, share versions of your org chart with anyone in your org. With Pingboard, it’s super easy to collaborate on succession planning—you don’t have to go it alone!