Build Project Organization Charts with Pingboard

Increase transparency and communication between teammates assigned to a project with an org chart specifically for their project team. A project organization chart illustrates who does what and who reports to who to define ownership and increase clarity.
Create an org chart for your team projects

Build Project Organization Charts for Free

First, create a Pingboard account. Then, import your employee data by connecting your HR system directly to Pingboard.

Here are instructions for systems we integrate with: ADP, Azure, BambooHR, Google Apps, Namely, and Okta. If you don’t use one of these systems, you can still upload a CSV file with your employee data to automatically populate your project org chart.

Benefits of Project Organization Charts

Team members can use Pingboard’s project org charts to easily familiarize themselves with everyone on the project team, on the go or at their computer. Here are some other benefits of creating project organization charts in Pingboard:

Improve team dynamics and get to know coworkers quickly

Each teammate has a profile in Pingboard and can include data like their background, skills, department, interests, nickname, birthday, etc. Coworkers on a new project can hit the ground running by learning more about their new team members quickly and easily.

Use Groups to organize people into smaller teams

Team leaders can create groups in Pingboard to divide the project into smaller areas. They can then assign people to one or more groups for a visual representation of how the project is divided up.

Make meeting planning easier for project teams

Pingboard has a great out of office tool which lets teammates easily share their “status”—when they’ll be out or working remote—with their coworkers. Our out of office tool also integrates with Slack, pushing status updates each morning and in real-time.

Use org charts to visualize several teams at once

You can easily create multiple project organization charts to connect project teams and invite others to collaborate on how those teams should be structured.

Build knowledgeable project teams

Not sure who you need on the team yet? Pingboard also serves as a directory. If you have your employee data in Pingboard, project leaders can search through their workforce for people with the specific skills they need for each project to build complete teams.