It's Time for a People-First Approach

The employee experience is different for the remote workforce and it shows in all our features.

Winning companies prioritize the employee experience

1:1 Meetings

Turn Managers into Coaches

Employees crave regular feedback. A manager who regularly checks in is more likely to know where the employee wants to take their career—or even if they’re thinking about leaving.


Peer Recognition That’s Authentic and Fun

So many traditional workplace recognition programs feel competitive, compulsory, and top-down, so it’s hard to get long-term buy-in from your team. But Applause is different. It empowers your people to publicly recognize their coworkers sincerely but simply.

“We read out Applause each week at our team all-hands. It’s amazing how far a little gratitude goes. This is one of the easiest and most affordable team-building activities we do.”

Joshua Baer • Founder & CEO
Capital Factory
Employee Directory

A More Human Employee Directory

It’s easy for coworkers to learn about, find, and connect with each other via our employee directory and profiles. Leaders can search the directory by office, skill, role, or virtually any other attribute that helps them find who they're looking for and put together epic teams.

Org Chart

A Better Org Chart

Thousands of companies worldwide use Pingboard org charts to plan and manage their teams. Whether you build it manually or automatically, you’ll be able to quickly showcase who reports to who and how departments and teams fit together in your unique and wonderful organization.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Post company-wide announcements on your Pingboard homepage so everyone can see important reminders in one clear spot. Announcements can also be included in the automated email sent at the start of the work week.

Who's Who

Help New-Hires Onboard Faster

Put a face to a name and learn more about your coworkers with our flashcard game, available on mobile and web. Our get-to-know-you quizzes help anyone at your company learn about their coworkers—from leadership intros to new hires.


OOO Customized for your Culture

Keep teams informed about who’s where. Your employees add a status update for taking a day off, having a staycation, feeling under the weather, or working remote. Customize status types to fit your company culture (“Getting fresh air,” “Volunteering,” or “Flex day,” for example).

Celebrate Every Important Milestone

The employee dashboard shows who’s celebrating a birthday, work anniversary, or first day so everyone feels the love. Employees can log their personal wins to add additional insight to performance reviews.


Integrations Make the Experience Even Better

Connect your HR or IT systems with our software to keep your data always up to date! We respect your source of truth—whenever a change is made in your HR system, it automatically flows to Pingboard, making less work for you.

Create a More Engaged Workforce