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What good is an org chart if it can’t be trusted? Pingboard offers real-time, collaborative org chart software so you can build your org chart in minutes and have confidence it is accurate. Pingboard puts the org chart in everyone’s pocket, replacing static org charts made with tools like Visio or PowerPoint. Easily make changes, update it automatically, access it from anywhere and share it with anyone. No other software makes it easier to use to build, customize and manage the company org chart.

No matter how your organization is structured or how your teams function, Pingboard makes it simple to graphically represent every employee, every role, and every job function. Because your employees are the heartbeat of your company, we include features that make it convenient to find them, connect with them and learn a bit more about them.

If you’re ready to ditch the static, inaccurate org charts and improve company culture, we’d love to show you what Pingboard can do.

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