Rippling Integration for Building Org Charts

Pingboard's integration with Rippling makes building your org chart super easy. Export your employee data from Rippling and add it to Pingboard, and watch your org chart assemble by dragging and dropping your organization's leaders.

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With the Rippling integration:

  • New employees added to Rippling are automatically added to your org chart in Pingboard.
  • Former employees will be removed from your org chart when they leave the company.
  • Reporting chains updated in Rippling are automatically updated in Pingboard.
  • Your employees can sign into Pingboard via Single Sign-On (SSO) from Rippling.
  • Internal recruiting is easier. Flag and announce open roles right on your live org chart.
  • You can create multiple versions of your org chart for headcount or succession planning and share them with coworkers.
  • Employees can receive daily out-of-office updates from their coworkers using Pingboard’s Out of Office tool.