Meet the first tool built just for office managers

Pingboard is a modern employee directory that helps you simplify operations and supercharge your team


Collect the information that matters to you

Your directory is fully customizable. Collect, store, and share the information that matters most to you, from birthdays and interests to badge numbers, t-shirt sizes, and parking pass numbers.

Store all your employee data in one place

Pingboard keeps employee information in one place, making it easy for you to access employee information from anywhere. Easily pull a list, run a report, and even export.

You're the glue that brings everyone together

Let Pingboard help. Employees can easily track down a co-worker's phone number, find the best person to help them with a project, or discover a new rock climbing partner. Pingboard automatically alerts everyone when new hires join, and makes it easy to learn more about them.

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Simplify your operations

Pingboard makes sure everything and everyone is always up to date. Employees can update their own profiles, and you decide what they can edit and share. Pingboard is available on iPhone and Android and integrates easily with the tools you already use and love like Google Apps, HipChat, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, and more.

"This has to be the easiest tool we’ve rolled out. Within a couple days everyone on our team was on Pingboard and talking about it around the office. And Pingboard mobile app is awesome! I don't know how other companies get by without having everyone's info on their phone."

Renee Robinson, Operations Manager, Tilt