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Get the word out about open roles! By adding open roles to your org chart, you’ll give visibility to your trusted workforce about what you’re hiring for. Simply add the role to your org chart and include a job description with key responsibilities, target start date, a link to more info, and any other details you need to share.

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Improve Employee Retention with Internal Job Postings

Help your current employees follow their career goals. Post job openings on your live org chart so internal candidates can review job descriptions and connect with the hiring manager to see if a role’s the right fit. Afterall, your current people are often the best candidates – they’ll onboard more quickly and will stay engaged if they’re given the chance to grow their careers within the company.

Internal Job Board

Keep employees up to date on open positions with an internal job board. When employees login to Pingboard to see who is out of the office for the day or on vacation, they will be able to see open roles within the company. When employees click on the open role notification they will be able to see who the open role reports to, the desired skills and the job description for the position.

Enhancing Recruiting Strategies

Announcing open roles to your workforce is helpful for many reasons. When existing employees consider job growth within the company this increases their engagement. Hiring internal applicants also reduces the time needed to onboard them because they’re already aware of your company policies and procedures.

Informing the whole company of open positions through your org chart, and asking for employee referrals, will increase the chances of finding an external candidate. It’s highly likely that employees will have a few colleagues in mind that would be a perfect fit.