Use Cases

Free Org Chart Maker

Use Pingboard to build your org chart for free!

Our org chart software gives you a visual representation of your workforce, letting you see reporting structure and how departments and people relate to each other. Follow these easy steps and you’ll have an org chart in minutes.

  1. Sign Up for Pingboard’s Free Org Chart Software

    Sign up for a completely free Pingboard account to get started. No contract or credit card are required.

  2. Choose Your Set Up Preference

    After signing up, you can start with a blank slate or use our template to import your company’s data.

    Free org chart maker 1st step
  3. Fill Out Employee Data

    The quickest way to build your org chart is to import a CSV file (spreadsheet) of employee data. One way to easily get a spreadsheet is to export the data from whichever HR system you use. Or, download our template and fill it out manually. Include employees’ names, email addresses, titles, and who they report to. Reporting relationships are key to make sure our org chart creator can determine and accurately build the structure of your company.

    Example employee data
  4. Upload the CSV File

    Upload your CSV file and import the data into Pingboard by visiting our Sync & Import page (under the Admin menu). For more info or help importing your employee data, visit our Help Center.

  5. Or, Manually Build an Org Chart

    If you don’t have a CSV file handy, you can instead start building out the structure of your org chart by clicking and dragging Roles from the Build menu on the left to where they should be positioned on your org chart. For more info or help building and editing your org chart, visit our Help Center.

Expand the Power of Your Org Chart

Pingboard is much more than free org chart software. Get our 7-day free trial to activate the full power of our tools, including:

  • Automated updates to your org chart, by integrating your HR software (ADP, BambooHR, Google, etc.) with Pingboard
  • Access for all employees
  • Improved information-sharing and communication with our built-in employee directory
  • An employee app with an out-of-office tool and Who’s Who game—both helpful in improving employee engagement and connectivity
  • Support building your directory and org chart from our customer success team