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“I don’t know what I would do without Pingboard—it’s paid for itself.”

Kelsey Sullivan • Manager HR & Talent Development

As the Manager of HR & Talent Development, Kelsey Sullivan is responsible for keeping Maxwell Health’s employees happy, healthy and connected, from administering benefits to recruiting and onboarding.

But as Maxwell’s client roster grew rapidly, so did their team: from just nine people to a staggering 160 employees in less than three years.

“When you experience that type of growth in such a short time, you have to find quick solutions for problems that weren’t there yesterday,” recalls Kelsey Sullivan, Manager of HR and Talent Development.

After helping hundreds of businesses make their employee benefits process more efficient, Maxwell Health needed a solution that would help them do the same for connecting their staff.

“We were getting the company started with very little infrastructure. We needed to put some good standard processes in place to manage things like time off and employee status tracking.”

Growing Pains

As the company continued to grow rapidly, Kelsey was faced with the daunting task of keeping the company’s org chart up to date.

New hires were having trouble understanding the company’s structure, and even longstanding employees were finding it hard to be sure who to contact and how to reach them.

“As we grew, it became increasingly more difficult to explain to new hires and investors where everyone sits in the Maxwell world.” Kelsey recalls.

Manual solutions like Microsoft Excel organizational charts were no longer cutting it, and Kelsey was spending hours every week entering data and reorganizing their org chart.

“It’s stressful when you’re onboarding about 12 people a week,” explains Kelsey. “Trying to keep an org chart updated manually when you’re growing as fast as we were was becoming extremely painful.”

Knowing there had to be a better way, Kelsey set out looking for a solution that would be easy to learn and quick to implement.

“Trying to keep an org chart updated manually when you are growing as fast as we were was becoming extremely painful.”

A Fast, Easy Transition

Before finding Pingboard, Kelsey was underwhelmed by solutions that made the task more complicated than it already was.

“We tried one other org chart software, but I found it super confusing and hard to update constantly,” recalls Kelsey. “It was the total opposite of what we needed.” But when Kelsey found Pingboard, it was a fast fit.

“Pingboard wasn’t a headache; it wasn’t hard to look at,” recalls Kelsey. “It was really easy to use from the beginning, and we went with it.” Kelsey quickly saw how Pingboard’s interface and integrations would save her hours of time previously spent onboarding or making updates.

“When we hire someone, they get a Gmail account—and now, they’re automatically added to Pingboard,” she comments, adding, “When a person’s manager changes, I can make the change in a matter of seconds, and Pingboard makes it all look beautiful—there’s virtually no manual work at all.”

Sealing the deal for Kelsey was how quickly Pingboard could be rolled out company-wide.

“I set it up in the morning, sent it out to employees that afternoon and everyone was up and running the next day. That was huge for us.”

“I set it up in the morning, sent it out to employees that afternoon and everyone was up and running the next day. That was huge for us.”

Benefits Beyond the Org Chart

Although she originally went looking for org chart software, Kelsey quickly came to appreciate how Pingboard solved other problems in ways she hadn’t anticipated. Pingboard’s ability to let employees schedule in their vacation and time-off has been a solution Kelsey didn’t realize she was missing until she saw how easy the process could be.

“We have unlimited vacation time, but we’d never had a tool to track that or keep it all in one place before,” explains Kelsey. “With Pingboard, I can a run a report and see who’s not taking time off and encourage them to take some more time. That’s been really helpful.”

Saving Time, Money & Sanity

After a speedy implementation, Kelsey was able to immediately recover hours once lost to administrative tasks.

“I don’t know what I’d do without it, at this point. It saves me hours weekly. It’s paid for itself.” explains Kelsey. “Before, I was kind of the human company directory, with people constantly asking me to help them find emails and phone numbers. Now, that’s all in one place—and I can be about 50% more efficient.”

While Kelsey saw an instant difference in her role, she’s been pleasantly surprised at how well the entire company has embraced the software.

“Our employees love it. Everyone uses it—in fact, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many have stuck with it,” she smiles. “I think that’s because it’s so simple to use; it gives people the power to do things on their own.”

More than just another tool in the toolkit, Pingboard’s support team has been a big reason Kelsey is confident she’s made the right choice.

“Working with Pingboard has been just like working within our own team—as software companies, we get each other,” Kelsey describes. “Their responsiveness is amazing. Every time I chat with them, I know I’m talking to a real person.”

It’s been excited for Kelsey to see how Pingboard uses customer feedback to constantly improve, such as making it easier to export org charts to show investors and other stakeholders.

“When we’ve requested features, they’ve let us know that they’re in the works—and actually implement them,” explains Kelsey. “It’s so encouraging to see another software company do that.”

With further growth in the forecast, Maxwell Health is confident that Pingboard has them covered both now and well into the future.

“It’s certainly paid for itself. As a startup, we watch our budget carefully—and Pingboard’s been worth it.”

Maxwell Health is an HR and benefits platform and innovative marketplace that combines the management of and enrollment in benefits into one experience: eliminating the hassle of day-to-day benefits administration and providing a beautiful, streamlined experience for employees.

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