Calculate Time Wasted Searching for Information

Research shows that people spend too much time searching for and gathering info on a daily basis. According to a McKinsey study, high-skill knowledge workers are spending nearly 2 hours a day collecting information they need to do their jobs.

Pingboard Cost Savings Estimator

Hours spent searching per year
$ 3,125,000
Total estimated cost per year

If Pingboard can save just 5% of that searching time:

$ 156,250
Saved per year with Pingboard

Increase Productivity with an Interactive Employee Directory

Equip your teams with a faster, more informative employee directory so they can find who and what they need more quickly. With Pingboard your staff can search for people based on their role, team, manager, skill, location, and more, helping reduce the time your employees spend looking for the info they need and increasing overall efficiency at your company.

Interactive employee directory
Mobile vacation calendar

Save Time by Increasing Transparency

Know who's in the office and who's out. With Pingboard’s out of office notifications, employees can check the Pingboard app on their phones or desktops to quickly see who is out of the office, working remotely, or on vacation.

Out of office notifications make it easier to avoid scheduling conflicts and help managers have realistic expectations for project planning. Plus, they give the added bonus of building stronger culture and employee engagement.