Top Influencers Working in HR Tech Companies Today

Across the HR tech landscape, there are a number of individuals who provide thought leadership and fresh voices on how to solve problems in the world of work with unique technology solutions. Here are some of the top influencers working in HR tech, all of whom use a variety of different platforms to engage with professionals who work in HR, IT, and other fields:

Jackye Clayton

Clayton is a speaker, writer, and trainer, and she is also Head of Customer Success at HiringSolved, an AI-powered talent acquisition service provider. She is also a former HR tech writer and editor at RecruitingDaily, where she authored articles and hosted webinars, such as “Put up or Shut up – Why You Need to Offer a Free Trial” and “Why Your Job Ads Suck.”

Laszlo Bock

The former head of people operations at Google, Bock left the tech giant in 2017 to create Humu, a workplace behavior change company that uses machine learning to improve employee engagement. Bock is routinely interviewed by Forbes, The New York Times, and others. Author of the book Work Rules!, Bock was recently featured on the cover of Chief Executive magazine and will keynote their annual CEO Talent Summit in Fall 2018.

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Sarah Brennan

CEO of Accelir, an HR tech advisory and investment firm, Brennan also runs the HR Tech Blog and is the co-founder of the Women of HR Blog. A former consultant at Cornerstone OnDemand, a cloud-based HCM platform, Brennan is a #SHRM18 blogger and recently offered up her take on the Indeed/Glassdoor merger.

Kathryn Minshew

Founder and CEO of career advice and job search platform The Muse, Minshew has been named to lists such as Forbes’s “30 under 30” and Inc.’s “15 Women to Watch in Tech.” Minshew recently spoke at HR Transform, an annual event bringing together HR startups and investment partners, and is co-author of the WSJ national bestseller The New Rules of Work.

Bryan Chaney

Chaney is the Head of Global Employer Brand and Talent Acquisition at Indeed and co-founder of Talent Brand Alliance, a community of recruiters and marketers that produces thought leadership on the topic of employer talent branding. Considered a leading digital recruitment influencer, he has over 200,000 Linkedin followers. Chaney was a recent guest on the eX podcast and spoke at length about winning the war for talent.

Hung Lee

Lee is co-founder and CEO of, an online talent matching service that uses visual design algorithms to connect job seekers to employers. He is owner and publisher of RecruitingBrainfood, a weekly newsletter that brings together the latest news, podcasts, and open recruiting positions from around the world. Lee was a recent speaker at the Workable World Tour, where he offered tips for sourcing global tech talent.

Frida Polli

A Harvard-educated neuroscientist, Polli is co-founder and CEO of Pymetrics, an HR tech startup that applies neuroscience games and AI to match people with jobs. She has appeared on CNN, CNBC, and NPR. Polli is also a regular contributor at Forbes, where she recently wrote about technologies that can improve diversity outcomes in hiring and promotion.

Steve Boese (honorable mention)

While he doesn’t work in an HR tech company, Boese is an influential voice in the HR tech space and brings a range of thought leaders together to network and share ideas. Boese is the “Inside HR Tech” columnist for Human Resource Executive Online, and he is also a co-chair of the publication’s annual HR Technology Conference. He is host of the HR Happy Hour podcast and produces HR tech content on his blog. Boese recently wrote “Succeeding with HR Tech: Five, Make it Six Things HR Needs to Know.”

As our top influencers have proven, great innovations are happening at the intersection of HR and tech. At Pingboard, we also believe that technology enhances the many areas of HR and talent management. As an example, live org charts help to engage employees by providing a deeper view of the organization, and they also give organizational leaders new ways to visualize workforce planning scenarios. With the aid of HR technology, working with paper and outdated desktop systems is becoming a thing of the past.

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