The Greatest Management Tool…Your Org Chart?

People tend to think of company org charts in the wrong way, often still viewing them as the static, outdated versions of the past. Because of this mind-set, many don’t realize that the org chart can actually be one of a company’s greatest assets.

There are many inherent benefits to embracing the org chart as a management tool. And despite the fact that they’re often underused and underrated, with the right approach and the right technology, the org chart can become an indispensable resource at your organization.

Leveraging the Modern Org Chart

Forget about the outdated org charts that were useful only to show organizational structure. In addition to presenting a clear organizational structure and helping with organizational alignment, there are many different ways today’s org chart software adds value to a growing organization, such as:

Planning Ahead

Org chart software is the future of workforce planning, greatly simplifying the process and making it easier than ever before to plan for the next phase of hiring at your organization. With built-in employee data, you can better predict future staffing needs, identify gaps in talent and skill sets, and make more informed decisions regarding your workforce. By predicting organizational needs in advance, you can ensure your company is prepared for the future as you continue to grow.

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Managing Reorgs

Nobody likes navigating the complex waters of a corporate reorg. With that said, pretty much every organization faces some type of reorganization as it grows and evolves. With the help of today’s live org chart software, you can manage your company reorg with ease and make sure it’s done right. Org chart software allows you to create multiple versions of potential org charts. You can then share them with members of your team and invite them to collaborate on working versions of the new org chart until all of your planning is complete.

Improving Communication

Communication is a commonly cited pain point for most organizations—it can always be improved. That’s where org chart software comes in. These systems make it easy to contact team members with one easy click, saving time that would otherwise be spent sifting through emails and seeking out information.

Building Relationships

Modern org chart software is an excellent resource for team building and encouraging employees to get to know one another. Interactive employee profiles allow team members to share photos, details, and fun facts with their coworkers. This helps put faces to names and encourages internal collaboration.

Enhancing Onboarding

First impressions are everything—and that’s just as true in the workplace as it is in your personal life. Org chart technology adds significant value to the new-hire onboarding process, giving you the opportunity to make a good first impression when you bring new team members on board. It not only helps with things like clarifying roles, defining responsibilities, and learning who’s who at the organization but also creates efficiencies by digitizing the otherwise time-consuming process of new-hire paperwork.

A Closing Thought

While old-school org charts may have served only one purpose, modern org chart technology has completely changed the game. From collaborating on important projects to encouraging team members to build relationships, there are a variety of ways to utilize modern org chart software. With the help of this technology, you can transform your company org chart from useless to useful, turning that outdated PowerPoint org chart that no one uses into one of the greatest management tools at your organization.

Think your org chart might be in need of an upgrade? Download 4 Ways to Find Out If Modern Org Chart Software Makes Sense to learn whether org chart software is a good fit for your company.

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Cameron Nouri
by Cameron Nouri
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