Sample New Employee Orientation Checklist

When employees are new to a job, the organization should do everything it can to make the employee’s transition as smooth as possible.

Starting a job means that there are many new things to learn, many people to get to know and lots of new information that needs to be absorbed in a very short period of time.

Many organizations create a new employee orientation checklist to make sure all the information that needs to be shared, is communicated during the first few days or weeks on the job.

Every organization is different, has different work environments and different ways of doing things, so helping new employees acclimate to “how we do things around here”, not only helps the employee but also the organization.

For example, an employee who may have worked for a company that allowed using social media at work and your organization limits that use to lunch and break times, needs to understand those expectations so they don’t inadvertently breach company policy.

new employee orientation240A goal for any organization should be to try to think of all the things a new employee needs to know and share that information with the employee within the first couple of days on the job.

Information that we know from being on the job for a while might seem insignificant to us, but can be very significant for someone who is new to the organization.

For example, if the cultural norm is to eat lunch in the office lounge, a new employee would want to know to bring their lunch to work. Especially if they are coming from an organization that encouraged employees to go out of the office for lunch.

sample new employee orientation checklist

The following is a sample of some things I’ve shared on a new employee orientation checklist. Use this as a starting point to begin thinking of  those things that are unique to your environment and modify this example accordingly.

This is merely a list and can be created into a document (access word checklist template below) that is used as part of the employee record.

Developing a new employee orientation checklist can be the first step toward providing a smooth transition for new employees.

New Employee Orientation Checklist

Finally, a new employee orientation checklist is a work in progress. Start with the basics and add items as new employees are added and additional information is identified that needs to be communicated.

As you develop this tool, test it on new employees and after 90 days or so follow up with them and ask them what information might have been helpful for them to know in their first days and weeks on the job.

Keep in mind that this is a communication and training tool to be used to help facilitate a smooth transition for the new employee which helps to ensure they get off on the right foot and feel supported during their first few weeks on the job.

Taking the time to orient a new employee will often translate into fewer issues and setting the expectations during the first few days and weeks on a job can help facilitate a smooth transition.

To access this word document and customize it for your organization, click here.

What things does your organization do to ensure employees have a smooth transition into their new role?

Patricia Lotich
by Patricia Lotich Founder of The Thriving Small Business. Patricia is an MBA and Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence through the American Society for Quality. You can find her on Twitter @PatriciaLotich.