How We Planned Our Hackathon

hackathon meeting

At Pingboard we do a hack day on the first Friday of every month. Today we teamed up with our design partner, Funsize, to work together on something special for our customers. More on what we built later… Today I wanted to share a bit about our process.

A hack day is a day where our team is free to work on projects that we would not ordinarily have the time to work on, relative to our other development priorities. Usually our folks each choose to work individually on a project that is of a particular interest to them… features they want to see in Pingboard, fixing bugs that have been annoying them, or building small features that our customers have asked for. The only requirement is that they must work on something that can be finished fully in one day, ideally getting it to a point where it can be released to customers that same day.

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This time we took on something more ambitious and our entire team, including Funsize, worked on it together. Here is a general flow of how it went down…

funsize office

A few weeks before

The week before

The day before

hackathon planning

The night before

hackathon dinner

The day

hack day

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by Bill Boebel
Founder and CEO of Pingboard.
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