Pingboard for Android is here

Pingboard for Android is now available!


Just like our iPhone app, the Pingboard Android app provides fast access to your entire team wherever you are. Browse all of your co-workers in one place. Call, text, or send a quick ping right from the app. Plus, Pingboard keeps everything in sync with the contacts app on your phone.

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Pingboard Android app

Please let us know what you like and what can be improved. How does it compare to your other favorite Android apps?


HipChat Integration

Connect Pingboard to your company’s HipChat account and receive pings as chat messages inside of HipChat. To turn it on, go to the Apps section of Pingboard.

Add users while syncing is on

If you sync your company’s Google Apps account to Pingboard, until now you could not also manually add people if they don’t happen to be in your company’s Google Apps account. Now you can.

Sync your Google Apps and org chart so that people are automatically added to Pingboard. Visit People > Employees > Sync with Google Apps.

Export more data

Did you know you can export your employee directory as a spreadsheet (CSV file)? It’s handy if you need to use your Pingboard info in another tool. We’ve improved the export by adding the teams a person belongs to as well as their social networks to the export. Visit People > Employees > Export as CSV.

Pst… Can you keep a secret? We have received a lot of requests for more ways to browse and export employee data and our developers are building this right now. We will soon be adding a Reports section that will let you use your data in all sorts of cool ways.

Tell us what to add next!

We use this feedback every month to decide what to build next, so make sure you get your feature requests to us. We have a new home for you to see the feature ideas that everyone in our community have suggested …

You can add your own ideas directly, upvote and comment on other people’s ideas, or just keep sending ideas to us as you always have been and we will make sure they get added to the site.

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by Bill Boebel
Founder and CEO of Pingboard.
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