Now you can organize by team in Pingboard

We’ve been increasing the pace at which we are inviting companies to use Pingboard during this private beta period. And we have been listening to our early adopters…. The most requested feature has been the ability to organize your company into teams. Now you can!

We also continue to improvement the speed and overall user experience of Pingboard. Below are some of the most notable features we’ve added since the new year.

If you’d like to discuss any of these new features, have suggestions for things we should add, or if you are not using Pingboard yet and are ready to give it a try, let us know.

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New Features

For Administrators



teams.2.1Organize your company by team, department, location, project or anything you want. People can belong to multiple teams or no teams at all. As soon as you start adding people to teams via the new main menu option, your directory will begin letting your users browse by team.

Faster Pings

ping.1Now when viewing a person in Pingboard, you can tap right into the ping box and start typing. And as soon as you click send we’ll queue the message up for delivery in the background and let you get on your way. No need to wait around for an agonizing one or two seconds while we deliver the message. We’ve made other parts of Pingboard more snappy too!

Improved Photo Uploading

photoupload.1It’s even easier now to add a photo to your profile. In addition to using a photo from one of your social profiles, you can drag & drop a photo from your desktop or use a photo from the web.

Sticky Navigation

As you navigate Pingboard, whenever you leave the app and come back we will remember how you had the directory sorted, whether it was in normal view or lis view, and if you were looking at groups or everyone in the company… and when you come back we’ll make sure it is there for you just like you left it.


Custom Terminology

Do you run a non-profit instead of a company? Now you can rename the term “employee” to “member” and the change will be made throughout the app. You can also rename “team” to something like “department” or “location”, as well as rename the term “visitor”.

New User Notifications

Now when Pingboard automatically syncs new users from Google Apps into Pingboard, we’ll email all of the admins in your account letting them know. We will also let you know when any of your other admins add or remove users so that you are always kept in the loop.

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by Bill Boebel
Founder and CEO of Pingboard.
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