Pingboard + Grow: A New Way to Manage HR Analytics

As companies grow, people can start to feel disconnected. Simple things become a challenge, such as finding the right person to talk with about a customer issue, locating a coworker’s phone number from the road, or simply remembering names and faces. It doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve built Pingboard to help growing companies stay connected as they scale, through easy-to-use mobile and web apps that break down information silos and strengthen connections between employees.

Grow believes that business leaders make stronger decisions and have better insights when they have access to the right metrics. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Grow and introduce an exciting new way to manage HR analytics.

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Used with Pingboard, Grow allows you to see your company and employee data in an innovative and effective way. With Grow, you can connect your Pingboard data and quickly see everything from “Employee Birthdays This Week” to “New Hires this Month” to “Employee Headcount by Department/Location,” and much more. We understand that your time is too valuable to be spent compiling complicated spreadsheets and manual reports. But when you have automated reports that stay updated in real time, you and your team can focus on high-value activities and strategic, data-driven leadership.

Investing in analytics is one of the best HR investments that you can make. Grow gives you and your team more freedom to lead, better information to make decisions, and clearer visualizations to understand and discuss your data. With over 100 pre-built integrations, Grow allows you to unify and blend scattered data from multiple sources in your own HR analytics command center.

Real-time HR analytics shouldn’t be limited to Fortune 500 companies. Together, Grow and Pingboard empower companies of any size with the powerful HR analytics needed to maintain a thriving workforce in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

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Cameron Nouri
by Cameron Nouri
I am the Director of Growth at Pingboard. I consider myself an entrepreneur at heart. I love trying new things and taking educated risks on new ventures, both professionally and in my personal life. I bring that passion to work everyday where I enjoy helping others discover the power that Pingboard can unlock.
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