New Updates: Office Extensions & More

Office extensions

Pingboard now supports phone extensions! On the Custom Fields admin page, turn on extensions for any of your phone fields. Wherever the number is shown, including search results and on mobile, the extension is included. Android and iPhone also include the extension when you dial.

Office Extensions

Never miss an employee milestone

With Pingboard installed on your iPhone or Android phone, you’ll never miss an important milestone for one of your employees! Managers can choose to receive push notifications about upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries for direct reports. Don’t forget the cupcakes!

Employee Milestone Notifications

Okta & OneLogin SSO available on Android

Now every platform (iPhone, Android & Web) support single sign-on via Okta and OneLogin. We have instructions on how you can enable Okta and OneLogin under Apps >> Integrations. Grab your company’s Okta or OneLogin administrator to complete the setup process.

See how BIG your organization really is

Your org chart now includes the option to expand all, so with one click, you can quickly see the reporting structure for your entire organization.

Learn more in this related guide: 4 Ways to Find Out If Modern Org Chart  Software Makes Sense.

Expand Org Chart

Add your own title to org chart exports

When you export your org chart, the file name includes what you named the chart. This simplifies things when you’re exporting a file for each department, for example.

Your date format, the way you like it

If you prefer 14:33 over 2:33 and 21/12/2016 instead of 12/21/2016, we have good news! Pingboard now supports the other common date/time format. Click Preferences underneath your photo inside Pingboard to choose which format you prefer.

A new human

And our most exciting accomplishment this summer is our mobile developer, Naqi, and his wife had a baby…

New Human

Also we hope you enjoy these new additions. As always, please share your ideas for what you want to see added to Pingboard next.

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