NEW! Employee Surveys: Unlock a Better Employee Experience

4 minutes • Nov 14, 2022

Employee Surveys: Your Secret Weapon For a Better Employee Experience

We are so excited to announce our newest feature offering, Surveys! Every organization around the world is trying to solve for a disengaged workforce—Gallup has called it the $7.8 trillion dollar workplace problem.

Many organizations recognize how important and valuable their people are but few know how to keep them engaged, motivated and feeling connected to the work they’re doing. 

That’s why we built Pingboard Surveys!

A People-First Approach—No Longer a ‘Nice to Have’

Employees now demand a good employee experience. When they don’t get it? Simply put, they’ll leave. And turnover is expensive.

When used strategically, employee surveys are your secret weapon to measuring, analyzing and making purposeful decisions to improve your employee experience. They’re the most underutilized yet most valuable tool in HR’s arsenal. 

When employees start to see that you truly care about their everyday workplace experience when you ask thoughtful questions, analyze the results, thank them for their feedback, and implement real change— they’re much more likely to stick around.  

The Employee Experience is Mostly out of HR’s Hands 

According to Gallup, 70% of the employee experience is the relationship between the employee and their manager — that’s a lot out of HR’s hands! 

Yet, HR is on the hook to keep everyone engaged. So what’s an already busy HR leader to do? 

Find the broken and missing moments of your employee experience, with Pingboard Surveys

Just like sleep and diet, surveys won’t feel so daunting once you commit to finding your rhythm

Employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS) reveals general sentiment for how employees feel about working at your company. Engagement surveys are a goldmine of employee intel and become a roadmap of where HR should spend their time, money and resources for months. Monthly pulse surveys help you dial in the focus to learn more about broken moments revealed, or ask how satisfied employees are with a newly implemented solution, tool or process. 

All three of these formats help you keep a laser-focus on the employee experience while also putting out the daily fires of keeping the business running (Payroll, compliance, benefits, recruiting— oh the joys of just keeping the wheels on!)

Pingboard Builds Trust with Employees 

Your employees likely have survey PTSD from past organizations. Our research revealed 3 main reasons why employees don’t like taking surveys: 

  1. They don’t trust a survey is actually anonymous

  2. They don’t think leadership will understand their problems

  3. They don’t believe meaningful solutions will get implemented (seriously, NO more pizza parties!)  

When building Surveys, we kept these reasons in mind. That’s why we make it clear whether or not a survey is anonymous and allow employees to indicate that they’re interested in hearing the results when a survey closes. We also made it easy for you to send a follow up survey to gauge if employees are satisfied with your solutions to issues uncovered in your workplace. 

Make Data-Driven Decisions

The goal of a survey is not to have employees complete it and move on. Pingboard makes it easier to find the patterns in employee feedback to empower you to troubleshoot the broken or missing moments of what it’s like to work at your company. 

Similar to Maslow's hierarchy of basic human needs, there are 12 questions (and more) in our question bank to reveal where your employee experience is lacking in a serious enough way to cause disengagement across teams: 

Hierarchy of employee needs

Save Time 

Drag and Drop functionality and pre-made templates help you jump into survey mode with ease. Our dashboard shows you real-time results at a glance as results come in. Employees receive a gentle email reminder 2 days before the survey closes if they haven’t yet taken it. 

Custom targeting helps you gather the right feedback from the right audience at every stage of the employee journey. Deploy a survey to new hires, departments, or specific individuals. This personalized approach shows your people how much you care about each unique employee journey. 

Surveys Gif

Create a Feedback Culture

A feedback culture is created when employees feel safe and welcome to express their opinions. If employee engagement is the holy grail of HR, a feedback culture is the table the grail sits on.

Closing the loop by thanking employees for their responses rewards the good behavior of your employees opening up. Explain a new process, tool or policy that will be implemented from patterns found in the most recent survey to show that their feedback was analyzed and appreciated.  

If a pattern is revealed that the company can’t help with right now (Sorry, no free laundry services but thanks for asking!) explaining the “why” behind the no still builds trust and created a feedback culture when you close the loop. 

Employees will begin to see the impact they have at your organization when they see their opinion matters. It significantly affects morale, productivity and retention rates. 

Surveys improve workplace transparency, community and communication, leading to a happier, more engaged workforce. When baked into your people-first approach, surveys become a part of your culture. 

Get Started with Surveys

Being in a positive work environment, and one that truly values employee experience, helps create a space where employees not only feel valued, but also empowered to build on your organization's goals and culture with confidence. 

A good employee experience is a mix of trust, strategy, and transparency. You want to reinforce the confidence your employees have in you and the leaders at your organization. Surveys are your best bet to get you there!

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