How to Write a Business Case (with Examples & Template to Help)


How to Write a Business Case

You have a great idea. Now, you want to gather an expert team and show stakeholders that your project is viable.

But how exactly do you do that?

Before your idea is approved, you need to cover how you will finance and sustain your project. That’s where a business case comes in.

A business case shows key stakeholders exactly how you will execute your idea. It’s important because research shows that ineffective business cases can cause projects to fail.

In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to build a business case that will impress your stakeholders and help your project succeed. We’ll even provide a few examples and give you a template to help.

Download Business Case Template

What is a Business Case?

Developing a Business Plan

Business cases often accompany or follow a project proposal and help show why your project is worth the company’s or client’s time, money, and resources.

When writing a business case, always define the scope and include an executive summary, detailed info about finances, and an overview of the project’s structure. Each member of the project team should contribute to the business case.

Overall, the business case should be concise and only include relevant information. It should cover the benefits, costs, potential risks, and an assessment of how the team will handle any setbacks.

The Most Important Components of a Business Case

A business case should convince key stakeholders of the importance and viability of your project. Be sure to include these things to create an effective business case:

Business Case Examples

Before you write your own business case, let’s look at a few examples.

Project Business Case Example

Download Business Case Template

This example from Expert Program Management is a concise and effective business case. It includes an executive summary, financial information, analysis, and risks. It could be used for a business case in any industry. This quick overview is a great option to send to key stakeholders before meeting to discuss the project further.


Employee Engagement Business Case

In some cases, you need a longer document to present your business case. This sustainability business case from the National Environmental Education Foundation offers an in-depth look at the project. It includes detailed research and examples from other sustainability projects.

Making an Effective Business Case

making an effective business case

A business case is an important part of a successful project. By creating a business case, you show key stakeholders exactly how you plan to solve a problem.

Download the template below as a guide for a business case for your next project. As you work on your business case, focus on explaining your solutions and how you will work toward the goal throughout the entire project.

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