How Org Chart Software Adds Value to a Growing Organization

Organizations are constantly evolving and adapting to meet changing needs as they grow. Though navigating these changes is exciting, it can also be a challenge to keep up—especially with technological advancements causing companies to continually rethink the way they do business.

Organizational charts are a crucial resource for growing companies to build and maintain. They help share organizational structure, teach employees who’s who in the organization, and ease the employee onboarding experience. However, the old, static org charts made in Word simply aren’t going to cut it anymore. Technological advances come with a new set of expectations; employees today want an interactive, digital way to communicate with coworkers and feel connected to the organization as it grows.

That’s where dynamic, modern org chart software comes in. Say goodbye to boring, outdated org charts and take advantage of the many benefits that modern org chart software can offer your organization. We outline some of those benefits below.

Benefits of the Modern Org Chart

From improving communication to enhancing the employee onboarding experience, there are many ways that modern org chart software can add significant value to a growing organization. Some of the most valuable benefits include:

Aligning Strategy and Vision

There’s one thing that the most successful organizations have in common: they are all extremely well-aligned. In order to create alignment, everything at your organization—from your strategy and your team to your capabilities and processes—should be aligned in support of the organization’s goals.

Achieving organizational alignment is essential for a company to meet goals and achieve success; however, many leaders struggle with aligning the company’s strategy and vision.

Modern org chart software can help align your strategy and vision by providing you and your employees with a broader view of the organization, improving communication internally, and making it easy to share a clear organizational structure with your team.

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Providing Transparency

For many organizations, communication is a major pain point. While 80 percent of managers feel they’re being transparent with their reports, only 55 percent of employees agree. With employees citing lack of communication as their number one complaint, it’s critical that business leaders provide transparency and communicate with employees as openly (and as frequently) as possible. In order to achieve organizational alignment and enhance the employee experience, it’s essential to keep the lines of communication open. But that’s all easier said than done, right?

Wrong. Org chart software makes internal communication easy and instantaneous. Instead of wasting time searching for employee contact information, these tools allow employees to interact with one easy click. They also provide a clear view of the company’s structure, allowing employees to feel more connected to the organization’s overall strategy and vision.

Onboarding New Hires

First impressions are everything, both in and out of the office. With turnover rates on the rise, there is significant value to be found in ensuring a positive onboarding experience, both for the new hire and for the organization. For new hires, a dynamic, up-to-date org chart can be a huge support while they’re learning the ropes. Org chart software helps new employees put faces to names and learn how the organization is structured, ensuring they feel connected to the organization from day one.

Not only does org chart software help with getting to know who’s who, but also who does what in the organization. Using software to enhance the onboarding process can help with building relationships, clarifying roles, defining responsibilities, and expanding knowledge of company culture. For employers, org chart software can help create efficiencies in the onboarding process by digitizing the time-consuming process of endless new hire paperwork.

Building Relationships

According to Gallup, “Research has repeatedly shown a concrete link between having a best friend at work and the amount of effort employees expend in their job.” A Gallup poll also revealed that 70 percent of employees said having friends at work is the most crucial element to a happy working life. However, despite the obvious importance of building relationships with coworkers, making friends doesn’t always come easily—especially when you’re the new person at work.

Along with icebreakers and team-building activities, you can also leverage modern org chart software to encourage employees to get to know each other. Org chart technology encourages relationship-building by offering employees the opportunity to share photos, information, and fun facts on their personal profiles. This not only helps new hires put faces to names, but also allows employees to learn more about the team members they work with. You can also find convenient information that saves you from sending another email, such as an employee directory, contact information, and employee vacation calendars.

Managing Corporate Reorgs

Nobody enjoys the process of navigating a corporate reorg; however, no matter the size or type of company, at some point your corporate structure will need to be reimagined. This is especially true as an organization grows and evolves.

While a reorg is inevitable for all companies at some point, modern org chart software can help simplify the process by allowing you to easily share different versions, make instant updates, and invite other members of your team to collaborate on working versions of the new org chart. When the planning is complete and you’re ready to announce the new corporate structure, org chart software makes that process simple as well. You can easily share the latest version of your org chart with your employees, allowing them to visualize the new structure and develop a clear picture of where the organization is heading.

Planning for the Future

The most successful organizations are always looking ahead and making proactive decisions to plan and prepare for the future. Whether you’re tasked with managing a corporate reorganization or planning for a new phase of hiring, org chart technology can help make the process smoother and more efficient. Org chart software simplifies the complex world of workforce planning and resource allocation. By leveraging the system’s built-in employee data, you can better predict future staffing needs, identify talent and skills gaps, and make smarter, more informed decisions regarding your workforce.

Because the technology is cloud-based, live org charts truly are “live” and updated in real time, ensuring you’ll always have access to the latest version. Org chart software also allows you to create and share multiple private versions of an org chart, making it easier than ever before to collaborate with team members on important workforce planning decisions.

It is essential for an organization to develop and maintain a company org chart as it grows. From improving an employee’s first impression during onboarding to encouraging internal communication and relationship-building, there are a whole host of benefits that come with investing in modern org chart software for your organization.

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