From Static to Ecstatic: How Live Org Charts Drive Employee Engagement

learn how live org charts can take things from static to ecstatic

The research is clear: When employees are engaged at work, they are happier, more productive, and more likely to stay and enjoy their current jobs rather than jump ship.

Moreover, enthusiastic employees with positive attitudes about the company influence the customer experience, thus strengthening the opportunity to earn repeat business and develop customer advocates. In fact, companies with employees who are engaged have 233 percent greater customer loyalty.

However, despite the obvious importance of employee engagement, a Gallup study revealed that only 32 percent of employees in the U.S. feel they’re engaged—or enthusiastic and committed to their work. Even worse, that engagement statistic drops to a mere 13 percent for employees worldwide.

With such low numbers of people who are happy on the job, it’s no surprise that leaders are looking for new ways to improve employee engagement. Technology can be the answer—but not just any technology will suffice. Old systems that are siloed and manually updated waste time and aren’t agile enough to drive employee engagement. For example, the static org charts of days past, often constructed in programs such as PowerPoint, typically include outdated information, are difficult to share with peers, and can be time-consuming to update as your organization evolves.

Instead, you should develop an employee engagement strategy that truly considers employee needs and is supported by a digital culture of integrated, readily updated, and available employee systems. A live org chart can kick-start employee engagement and, ultimately, change how your organization operates. This transformational tool plays a vital role in engaging employees and connecting them to organizational culture.

Here’s an example of live org chart software that connects employees:


Download this template and add your employee data to build your own interactive org chart in minutes!

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A dynamically updated, integrated org chart for employees to leverage—from their initial onboarding through to retirement—drives engagement in a variety of ways, such as:

Having a Friend at Work

Interestingly, having a workplace bestie is great for employee engagement. Gallup reports: “Research has repeatedly shown a concrete link between having a best friend at work and the amount of effort employees expend in their job.” Although building friendships and socializing at work surely contribute to an employee’s overall job satisfaction, studies show that 60 percent of employees still eat lunch alone at their desk, working. You can help your team members make friends (and score some lunch dates) by encouraging relationship building with live org chart technology.

Sharing a Clear Organizational Structure

A live org chart can also help employees to clearly visualize an organizational structure. By building a live org chart that’s updated with real-time employee data, you can ensure that everyone in the company—especially new hires—feels connected and informed as the organization evolves. Access to an up-to-date organizational structure can also help employees determine what their individual career paths are and how they can grow along with the company, which ultimately boosts engagement.

Providing Access to Employee Systems

By providing access to various employee systems and communication tools, you empower employees to engage with both company leadership and, more importantly, each other. With the newfound ability to interact with fellow team members—regardless of the individual location or access platform—employees are sure to feel more involved and engaged overall.

Live org charts are changing the game, continually creating new opportunities to drive employee engagement and help people feel more connected to the organization. With this technology at their disposal, leaders can offer team members invaluable insight into organizational structure, encourage relationship building, and offer new opportunities to interact with fellow teammates.

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by Bill Boebel
Founder and CEO of Pingboard.
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