Build Dynamic Org Charts with Pingboard’s BambooHR Integration

Pingboard and BambooHR Integration

We’re excited to share with you that we’ve built a BambooHR integration for Pingboard! It joins our growing list of HR software integrations, letting our tools play together even more nicely than before. This means that if you’re a current Pingboard customer who uses BambooHR, you’ll have less manual work to do! 

Why this integration matters

Previously, if you wanted to build an org chart, you’d export your HR data from BambooHR to a CSV file and then upload that file to Pingboard. It wasn’t terribly hard to do, but it wasn’t automatic, either. And when you consider that organizations are fluid entities – people leave, people get promoted, people even change their last names – things get a bit more complicated. In the past, you’d have to manually update that information in your Pingboard org chart, or upload it again via a fresh CSV file from BambooHR. But now, the process is pretty darn seamless. 

Benefits of dynamic org charts

When you connect BambooHR to Pingboard, your org charts become dynamic – they’re updated automatically, meaning:

Additionally, there’s you don’t need additional accounts and passwords – just log into Pingboard using your BambooHR account via SSO (single sign-on).

Learn more about Pingboard’s integration with BambooHR, or learn how to set up the integration to enable syncing between your Pingboard and BambooHR accounts.

Do you use a different HR tool or identity management software? Check our integrations page or get in touch – we love hearing what our potential and current customers are using.

BambooHR Pingboard Partnership

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