A brand-new Pingboard design is on the way

A new design of Pingboard will be released this week. With this update to the web app, we had three goals:

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When you log in for the first time, you’ll notice a few key changes:

Your co-workers will experience the refreshed Pingboard design, too. The core experience for employees remains largely the same, so it should be a smooth transition. For those of you who use the iPad Visitor Kiosk app, there will be a few visual tweaks, but no major changes.

Here is a preview:


Many of the improvements we’ve made in this release are based on the feedback you’ve generously shared. Please let us know what you think and if you or your co-workers run into any complications.

After this update is released, we’ll quickly address any issues and then dive into new features that this design makes possible.

Thanks for using Pingboard!

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by Bill Boebel
Founder and CEO of Pingboard.
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