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A Look Inside Rackspace’s Company Culture

Rackspace is known around the world for its unique and award winning company culture. They’ve been listed on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for list multiple times. They also consistently get compared to companies like Southwest and Zappos for their company culture. So how does Rackspace do it? Listen in on our culture chat where we talk to Rackspace’s…

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A Look Inside Tilt’s Company Culture

Video Transcript Marissa: Alright, today we have with us Renee Robinson from a San Fransisco-based company called Tilt. Thanks for joining us today, Renee. Renee: Thanks for much for having me. Marissa: Yeah, I’m really excited to hear a little bit more about what you do in your HR manager and operations role. I’ve heard awesome things about your culture…

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The Austin Startup Games

When it comes to building a great corporate culture, there are a few elements that I talk about pretty often. First, employees who play together outside work play nicer in the sandbox at work. Second, alcohol helps. Third, companies who have a strong sense of volunteerism and proactively connect with their communities have higher levels of employee engagement. Once again,…

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5 Ideas to Strengthen Communication Between Silos

When creating great culture in your organization, it’s important to keep silos at bay. When you’re small it’s easy, because employees are generalists. They help out wherever they’re needed, and everyone interacts regularly to solve big problems. There’s no time for silos to form because everyone is interdependent. Fast forward one hundred employees and you’ll notice a subtle change in…

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Social Media Policy: Don’t do stupid things.

The debate around how to prevent employees from posting dumb shit on the internet is still happening. It’s not going away, because as long as our employees are human, they’re going to hit ‘post’ on the wrong things sometimes. Regardless of how long and intense our social media policy is. Did the dress code policy prevent my college aged employee…

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Inside the Office of WP Engine

No matter what size company you work for there’s always a huge effort going on behind the scenes to make it a great place to work. It might be stocking the kitchen with snacks everyone loves, planning celebratory events, or rallying the troops for an important project. These things are even more challenging when you’re company is growing fast. We…

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WP Engine Team

Alcohol at the Company Holiday Party? Hell Yes!

Tis the season for holiday parties, and if we’re being honest, a holiday party isn’t complete without a few alcoholic beverages. Even if you consider yourself a cool leader, you’ve likely wondered if the decision to invite alcohol to a party could come back to bite you. I was talking with an HR Pro recently who’s struggling with the idea…

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3 Interviewing Secrets to Find Rock Star Employees

It blows my mind how many companies lack any true structure behind their interview process. Especially when you consider interviewing is an HR function that every single company participates in. The Flaws of a Typical Interview Process After a few technically focused sessions, interviewers think they know enough about the candidate to make an offer. Next, they’ll slap a badge…

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How Great Places to Work Create Core Values

There’s a point for every company where it makes sense to solidify some core values. There isn’t a magic head-count number or anniversary date that should spark this process. However, there’s a gut-check way to understand if it’s time for your company to get a move on it. Why Core Values Are Important The values you pick for your company…

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Great Places to Work Core Values

Three Ways to Increase Participation at Your Next Culture Event

I ran into a colleague of mine, Sam, last week who has been working hard to strengthen the culture at his organization. They’re working on their core values, aligning their vision throughout the organization, and hiring and promoting based on both of those initiatives. Naturally, they’ve also been ramping up the ‘fun’ events in an attempt to break down silos…

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