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When should hiring plans focus on internal recruiting vs. external hires?

When we hire at Pingboard, we always start by asking if there’s someone on our team who’d be a good fit for the role. Why? For starters, our people are awesome, and we’re invested in their growth. But – of course – during a period of growth, we need to hire people from outside the company to fill open roles….

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Pingboard Internal Hiring Tool

Build Dynamic Org Charts with Pingboard’s BambooHR Integration

We’re excited to share with you that we’ve built a BambooHR integration for Pingboard! It joins our growing list of HR software integrations, letting our tools play together even more nicely than before. This means that if you’re a current Pingboard customer who uses BambooHR, you’ll have less manual work to do!  Why this integration matters Previously, if you wanted…

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Pingboard and BambooHR Integration