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Finally, a Simple Way to Build and Share a Beautiful Org Chart

You have been asking us to add org charts to Pingboard for quite some time. As we started to take a look at this a few months ago we discovered that most of our customers are still managing their org chart as a PowerPoint or Visio document — even with hundreds of employees. You’ve told us that these documents are…

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How We Planned Our Hackathon

At Pingboard we do a hack day on the first Friday of every month. Today we teamed up with our design partner, Funsize, to work together on something special for our customers. More on what we built later… Today I wanted to share a bit about our process. A hack day is a day where our team is free to…

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Know Where Your Team Is This Holiday Season

The holidays are here! This time of year, it’s difficult to keep track of who’s traveling, attending a school play, working from their hometown, or caught the flu. During Thanksgiving, the Pingboard team had employees in five different states! Trying to plan without this basic info at your fingertips is a leap of faith… Is tomorrow the best day for…

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